In recent years, Prague has been plagued by visual smog: flashy advertising, which is particularly ubiquitous in the city centre. And yet advertising does not have to be annoying and tasteless – a beautiful shop window or a company sign may increase the value of a location. The manual explains the rules for sophisticated advertising and shows examples of good practice.

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Cultivating<br />Prague


The streets of the centre of Prague are almost indistinguishable from the streets of any other large Czech city. There are the same pub signs designed by breweries, the shining signs of banks and fast-food joints, and the same shop windows of real estate and travel agencies.

And yet there are few cities that boast such a wealth of different layers of architectural styles as Prague. Its uniqueness, however, is lost under the pile of uniform advertising. The people who can change this are primarily those who offer their goods or services in the historical parts of the city and are therefore part of the public space. And it is for those that we have written the Cultivating Prague.

Cultivating<br />Prague

About the Manual

The Manual contains a set of rules for how to promote your store or service visually while respecting the values of the historical city. At the same time, it is a clear guide that will help you make sense of the various regulations and successfully obtain all the necessary permits.

Download manual

The Cultivating Prague is a PDF file with a size of 7.8 MB.

What can you find in the Manual?

The Manual presents a summary of the requirements of the individual authorities that deal with store signage. These are, in particular, the Heritage Department and the Department of Trade Licence and Civil Law Issues at Prague City Hall. The Manual also lists the requirements of the Prague Building Code. Additional rules apply to real estate owned by the City of Prague and some of its City Districts.

Is the Manual binding?

The Manual in itself is not binding; it’s merely a summary of the existing rules. That is also why it can’t act as a substitute for decisions by the authorities – you always need to contact the heritage department and in some cases also the building authority. But if you follow the Manual, there should be no hidden surprises in the process.

Which parts of the city does the Manual apply to?

It applies to all protected heritage areas within Prague. The rules also apply to individual immovable cultural monuments outside the protected areas. We believe, however, that all of Prague deserves to be tasteful, and will be glad if you decide to follow the Manual even if you do not have to.

Grant programme

If you want to create new signage for your establishment in line with the Manual or if you are planning to follow the Manual while setting up a new establishment, we can offer you support in the form of a grant.

You can apply for a grant from the Prague Conservation Area Establishment Signage Programme, amounting to up to 70% of your costs or a maximum of CZK 200,000. The grant can be applied only to works commenced, carried out and finished in the current year.

Grant programme

Prague is not Disneyland

We live in an exceptional city. The City of Prague is a thousand years old and its enchanting vistas, old palaces and historical gardens have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

Tourism, however, also has its downsides. Visitors have always been drawn to Prague because of cheap alcohol, which made it one of Europe’s most popular party towns. The influx of tourists attracts entrepreneurs who just want to get rich and do not care how their business might affect the city.

Prague is not Disneyland

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything is suddenly different. But we must get ready for the tourists’ eventual return and it remains our goal to reduce the negative phenomena which, during the tourist season, make the centre of Prague feel more like Disneyland than a historical city. What have we done so far to make Prague look better?

Beer bikes

The large mobile bars full of inebriated bikers which until recently roamed the city centre and its environs are now all gone. The noisy vehicles have been banned from the city centre since March 2020.

High-quality tourism

Tourists coming to Prague often don’t know how to behave here, something which was also confirmed by a sociological survey. That’s why we launched an informational campaign which teaches tourists that quiet hours start at 10:00 p.m. and that it’s not allowed to drink alcohol in the streets. We’re currently trying to ensure that after the coronavirus break, tourism in Prague will have a new and more sustainable character.

Advertising regulations

Prague City Hall regularly checks whether its Advertising Regulations are being complied with. Last year, we identified and resolved more than 300 violations of the regulations.

Pandas and moles

There used to be droves of them on the Old Town Square, but today there’s not a single one to be seen. The presence of performers dressed in oversized costumes was banned by a decree.

Fake vintage cars

Did you know that the centre of Prague is full of tractors and snowmobiles? Many self-proclaimed “vintage cars” have papers saying they’re something quite different than what they seem. These vehicles, which charge about CZK 3,000 per hour, are now regularly checked and many of them have already been banned from the city centre.

Rules for establishments in city-owned property

When it comes to visual smog, it’s important to set an example. That’s why we have defined rules for advertising signage for establishments in city-owned non-residential property. The city will also not rent any of its property to exchange offices, souvenir shops and other establishments focusing on cheap tourism.

Support for high-quality busking

Prague appreciates good street entertainment, but also wants to ensure it does not disturb the inhabitants. That’s why we specified the rules for artists, who are now not allowed to generate excessive noise, dirt or odours. As a new development, however, we have relaxed the rules to allow productions by art ensembles and bands.



Anything you’re not clear about? Do you want to consult the signage of your shop with us?

For personal consultations, visit the Heritage Department of Prague City Hall any Monday (10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) or Wednesday (8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.) at the Škoda Palace, Jungmannova 35/29, Prague 1.

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